St. Lucia is located within the group of the Windward Islands, which are part of the Lesser Antilles, West Indies. St. Lucia is truly, "Simply Beautiful" and you will experience remarkable adventures anywhere you travel on the island. Whether you’re discovering the lush rainforest, botanical gardens or the drive in volcano between the Pitons, you will find yourself lost in the shear natural beauty of this island, which has been compared by many to Bali. We would love to help you to plan your escape in paradise. Please email us directly for free advise and suggestions about your vacation.

All year long you can discover:

  • White sand beaches

  • St. Lucia’s landmarks the "Pitons"

  • Caribbean's only drive in volcano  

  • Tropical gardens

  • Hidden waterfalls

  • Black volcanic sand beaches

  • Horse back riding

  • Kite and Windsurfing on the Atlantic Coast

  • Isolated, remote beaches accessible by trekking in

  • St. Lucia’s rainforest

  • Working Cocoa and Banana and Plantations

  • Historical churches

  • World class 18 hole golf course at Cap Estate

  • Historical Arawak Indian Sitesi

  • Sites of historical British and French Forts

  • Making of Caribelle Batik

  • Local carving at Choisel Arts and Crafts Centre

  • Rhythm of Rum tours

  • Fitness and Exercise Centres

  • Scuba diving at Anse Chastanet, site of one of the best diving sites in the Caribbean

  • Snorkeling

  • Anse La Liberte Camping and Heritage Site

  • Friday Night Fish Fry at Anse La Raye

  • Market Day in Castries

  • Amazing musical rhythms: Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Steel Pan, Jazz, Soul and even country

  • Yacht Charters

  • Sea Excursions

  • Whale Watching

  • Deep Sea Fishing

  • Day trips by air to Grenadine Islands, Barbadoes, Martinque, St.Vincent

Yearly Events:
   •Independence Day: February 22 - special events planned for this holiday
•Lions Club Independence Charity Tournament – Golf event open to all
   •International Earth Day: April 22 -Soleil Leve (Sunrise Ceremony)

Soleil Couche (Sunset Ceremony)

 •St. Lucia Jazz Festival (May 2016 was the 25th Anniversary of St. Lucia Jazz and Art Festival)

- Events throughout the island. Log on to
• Festival of Comedy:
   •St. Lucia Golf Open: Two day Golf Tournament open to all amateurs

 •Carnival: Log on to

Creole Heritage Month – Oct. 1 –31
•Creole Day or Jounen Kweyol
•Feast of La Marguerite: Oct. 17th – local flower festival
   •Golf Tournament of the Rotary Club of Gros Islet: November 2nd.
  •Festival of Lights and Renewal: Dec. 13 – Discovery Day  
•ARC: Atlantic Rally for Cruisers – world’s largest transatlantic Rally for Cruisers – Over 350 boats leave Canaria November 25 to rendezvous on ST. Lucia. The first boat usually completes the crossing the first week of December. Logo onto

•St. Lucia Open: St Lucia Racquet Club – for amateur tennis and squash players


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SunWest has grown from a love of the island, St. Lucia. This love affair began in 1992, when stepping off the plane felt like passing through a picture frame into another world. The lushness, stunning beauty, rhythmic sounds and friendly St. Lucian's made a yearly visit a necessity.  With a background in Architecture and Engineering, it seemed a natural progression to design and build in St. Lucia. Each time guests arrive, I feel like I am seeing St. Lucia through their eyes again for the first time. My goal is to ensure all who visit SunWest Villa receive a personalized vacation. I am happy to share my 25 years of adventures so they too may experience all the beauty and excitement St. Lucia has to offer. Please take the time to read my daughter's poem which she composed at 13 years of age, following a vacation in St. Lucia.  It explains why we always returned to our island in the sun.


There is a place far from here
 where chimes of steel
 sing songs, hot rays of sun pour from the sky
 happy people dance and chant, with no worries or cares,
 a place where you can be free. It is not a normal place to my friends,
 To me it is a home away from home.
 It is a magical dream to them that they hope will come true.

To me it is where I spend my best years letting my feeling flow.
 It is the hot, exotic pictures in magazines and shows to them.
 To me it is where my soul can sing and my mind can relax.
 It is what they all ask me about….
 What is the sea, sand, weather, life like there?"
 To me the sea is like a warm cola that has been
 shaken shattering refreshing, salty water running down my body.
 To me the sand is hot and grindy, melting through my toes.
 To me the weather is refreshing, steamy but healthy.

 To me life is free, no worries, no cares.
 It is amazing to them, a dream, a fantasy.
 To me, it is my life, my home, where I belong.
 If they wish, I will continue to explain this dream,
 but no matter how hard I try,
 they will not be able to feel my heart pounding
 when I speak of my
 home away from home.